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November 08, 2012

In an effort to solve many of the problems at the root of most nursing home abuse in the state of Kentucky, the Louisville-area United Way is holding a forum this Friday, to find new methods to prevent abuse of residents living in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities for the aged.

Organized by a coalition of law enforcement agencies, social advocacy groups for the aged and non-profit groups, the forum seeks to find ways to cope with the nationwide increase in cases of elderly abuse in nursing homes and ALFs. As the baby boom generation ages past middle age and into retirement age, nursing home abuse reports have increased, prompting state agencies, police departments, lawyers, and legislators to take a closer look at nursing home abuse by staff or even family members.

The Metro United Way of Louisville’s forum will include the participation of Kentucky’s department of Adult Protective Services, the Louisville Better Business Bureau, ElderServe, the Louisville police department, the state attorney general’s office, Louisville’s Guardia Care Services and the city Office of Aging & Disabled Citizens. In addition, state representative Joni Jenkins (D-Shively) is scheduled to attend. Members of the public are also welcome to participate, including nursing home abuse lawyer, family members of abuse victims, and more.

The forum’s agenda not only seeks ways to deal with nursing home abuse issues in the state, but also to make cumbersome procedures more streamlined and easy to implement. For example, if an elderly person is sharing a home with a family member that’s being abusive and/or breaking other laws, the process of eviction is full of red tape and takes time to carry out. One of the goals of the forum is to make it easier for the elderly to have more say in their daily lives and to reduce all instances of abuse.


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