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March 30, 2011

Two nursing home workers at Northgate Health Care Facility in Wheatfield, NY were fired last spring for their involvement in nursing home abuse, according to a New York State Health Department report.

The report shows that the two workers placed two mentally impaired patients, one who is blind, in the same bed, told them they were married, and tried to get them to behave inappropriately.

The nursing home administrator said the abuse happened last April and resulted in the two employees being fired immediately and the incident reported to the State Health Department. The State Health Department concluded after their investigation that Northgate Health Care Facility handled the incident appropriately.

The ex-employees are no longer allowed to work in the field of nursing.

Nursing home abuse comes in many form, all if it devastating to the victims and their family members. We encourage you to fight against nursing home abuse and neglect by contacting a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer if you know of or suspect abuse in a nursing home.


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