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December 19, 2012

In a recent report performed by the investigative journalism group, ProPublica, evidence suggests that Texas has more citations, warnings, and nursing home abuse incidents than most other states in the nation. Additionally, a 2011 report conducted by Medicaid issues the same concerns.

According to the Medicaid report, several nursing home workers in Texas have been found administering additional medication to nursing home residents in an attempt to ignore their needs. In addition, several incidents of abuse went unreported, resulting in heavy fines for one particular nursing home: Keeneland Nursing and Rehab, in Weatherford, Texas.

ProPublica uncovered even more nursing home abuse and neglect during their nationwide investigation of nursing homes. In fact, Texas has seen more serious citations for nursing home violations than any other state in the nation. It also ranks at an alarming 11th place in nursing home deficiencies, with California landing in the top spot.

Although it hasn’t been determined why Texas has so many nursing home violations, it’s been speculate that the sheer size of the state plays a huge factor. Nevertheless, several nursing homes have had to pay serious fines. Yet, in addition to state-mandated fines, some nursing homes could be facing additional fines if the victims’ loved ones retain a Texas nursing home abuse attorney and file for civil charges.


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