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September 22, 2011

A former worker at John M. Reed Nursing Home in Limestone, Tennessee has pleaded guilty to four counts of willful abuse or neglect of an adult. Although prosecutors accused the woman of physical nursing home abuse, the former nursing home worker admitted guilt only to mental abuse.

The woman will be sentenced October 25 and faces a 15 month jail sentence; however she may only have to serve 5 months.

The daughter of one abused woman says the former nursing home worker was so cruel to her mother that she would break down and cry. She says that she is glad there will be some justice in all of this but says 5 months is too light of a sentence and insists tougher elder abuse laws should be put in place.

If you were abused in a nursing home, or if you suspect a loved one was abused, you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you get justice for the abuse.


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