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April 23, 2013

A South Carolina man is seeking legal recourse for his elderly mother who died six months ago. He claims his mother went through severe nursing home abuse and plans on pursuing charges.

According to reports, David Christmas placed his mother in the Kingston Nursing Facility in Kingston, on May 7, 2012. By October 17 of the same year, his mother had died. The 90-year-old elderly woman died in a hospital, suffering a broken hip and bruises all over her body.

Shortly after the victim’s death, the Kingston police department opened an assault investigation against the nursing home. Christmas returned to the nursing home to gather evidence. Christmas told authorities that his mother confided to him that she had been attacked by two women at the facility, but she was unable to remember their names.

Last year, although the nursing home was rated as “exemplary,” there were cases of unreported injuries to residents, such as falls and bruises. However, Christmas didn’t have access to those records when making a decision on where to send his mother. The records could have helped save her life. According to DHEC director, Tammy Templeton, the records won’t be available online until next year, which poses a burden on those seeking assistance on nursing home ratings.

Meanwhile, Christmas plans to continue to go forward with pressing charges against those responsible for his mother’s death. The case was handed over to the solicitor’s office last week.

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