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June 13th, 2010

A nursing home in Iowa is facing up to $92,400 in state and federal fines. The Windmill Manor nursing home in Coralville, IA is looking at a number of accusations, most notably covering up the sexual nursing home abuse of a female resident. The penalties are some of the most severe an Iowa care facility has ever seen.

State records indicate a male and female resident were found naked in bed together, and a month later workers witnessed the two having intercourse in the male residents room. The female resident has Alzheimer’s Disease, therefore making her unable to give informed consent to having sex.

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals alleges that the nursing home’s director of nursing told staff members not to report the incident if they wanted to keep their jobs. One staff member has said the director of nursing warned her to not report the incident as it would lead to fines.

A physician ordered the male resident a medication to decease his sex drive, but the incident was not reported to the state. Staff at the nursing home are considered mandatory reporters of abuse, and are required by law to report any suspected abuse.

Other fines against the nursing home include $5,000 for threatening to fire seven employees if they reported quality-of-care concerns; $7,000 for failing to complete required background checks on employees, and not properly training staff; and over $40,000 in federal fines, which are going up $200 a day for each day the nursing home remains out of compliance for nursing home care.

The Windmill Manor has, for the past three months, been on the federal list of the nation’s worst nursing homes.


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