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March 01, 2014

An elderly California resident was discovered living in horrific conditions in his home in the picturesque area of La Jolla street, San Diego, in March 2014.

Investigations by the police revealed that 90-year-old Robert Stella was being cruelly mistreated by his live-in girlfriend, whom he befriended years before in a startling and strange elder abuse case. The woman, who is believed to have been homeless at the time she was taken in by Stella, met him in an alley behind Mary Star-of-the-Sea Church, according to the elderly man’s family. Family members were shocked to hear that the 57-year old woman had declared herself to be the man’s friend and caregiver.

Stella’s granddaughter, Emily Criscuolo, told officers that the 57-year old woman isolated her grandfather from other family members, depleted his bank account and drained him of his health. Stella, who is a retired nuclear physicist and veteran of World War II, was badly malnourished when police found him at his home. Now his family are accusing his live-in girlfriend of tying him up whenever she went out and drugging him. His family have ordered the woman to vacate Stella’s property immediately.

The abused elderly man was removed by ambulance from his home after family members arrived with police to put an end to the horrific situation. He is now being treated for severe bedsores at a facility close to his home. In a shocking twist to this story, a sealed court document was discovered by the family which they believe could be a marriage certificate between the man and his abuser. However, attorneys need to obtain a court order to open up the document and verify its contents. Neighbours commenting on the terrible scenes unfolding in their neighborhood remembered Robert Stella during his healthier times and said they were shocked at what had taken place.

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