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June 17, 2014

An 80-bed nursing home facility in Minnesota has been found responsible for the unfortunate death of a resident following a fall.

Maple Manor Health Care & Rehabilitation in Rochester failed to apply adequate safety precautions after problems arose from a mechanical lift put in place to move patients at the facility. The EZ lift as it is called was not properly maintained or inspected in the whole time that it was in place at the rehab center according to a state department of health report.

The investigative report into the incident by the same department revealed that the resident’s death was due to severe spine and scalp injuries following a fall from the lift. The resident was being moved from a bed to a wheelchair via the harness which was missing the safety catch and thus was not properly fastened, causing it to slip and the resident to fall four feet to the floor. They died five days later in hospital.

It was concluded that the nursing home did not put into practice any day-to-day preventative measures to ensure the safety of residents who used the EZ lift even though they knew for 6-9 months before the incident that the catches were coming off making them hazardous.

The EZ lift is an emergency patient handling device that is designed to provide rigid support while moving a fragile patient. The improper use of these mechanical lifts have contributed to many injuries and in some instances even death in nursing homes in Minnesota and beyond.

Falls are one of the most common injuries that occur in nursing homes around the country. The staff has a duty to ensure that patients and residents are not neglected or left to suffer from falls. For an elderly resident, a fall can cause severe head, neck and spine injuries including fractures and severe bleeding.
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