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November 3, 2011

Nursing home abuse inspections at two Michigan nursing homes conducted by the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services found maggots on two residents. The watchdog group says the state is not doing enough to stop such nursing home abuse.

One case involved maggots found around the catheter region of female resident. The woman was taken to a hospital where it was discovered she was additionally suffering from a broken hip.

Another case found maggots in a resident’s trach tube, obstructing the woman’s breathing. An emergency medical team had to be called and the maggots were suctioned out.

Representatives from the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services are speaking out saying these cases of abuse and neglect are not isolated incidents in Michigan; and once these cases of abuse are reported appropriate action is not taken by the state.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help victims of nursing home abuse and their families by taking legal action against nursing homes who have not properly taken care of residents.


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