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July 29, 2012

Investigations by the California attorney general found that nursing home abuse and neglect issues are quite prevalent throughout the state.

The report details serious issues in the quality of care at nursing homes. Nursing home residents were found to have bedsores and poor hygiene such as soiled diapers that were not taken care of for hours. Other issues found were patients being over-medicated, dehydrated, incorrectly diagnosed, as well as not having the required amount of nurses on staff.

The report was uncovered by the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform via a California Public Records Act request. The advocacy group then distributed the report to the media.

The state Department of Public Health is looking at the issues and will decide what action to take against the nursing homes.

Operation Guardians is the name of the program which conducts investigations such as these to keep nursing homes abuse and neglect in check.

Nursing home abuse lawyers are also a crucial part of the fight against abuse and neglect in our nation’s nursing homes.


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