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August 1, 2013

In part four of the FRONTLINE and ProPublica documentary on nursing home abuse, investigative journalists uncovered severe nursing home abuse stemming back to 2008 at the Emeritus at Emerald Hills nursing home in California.

According to reports, Joan, a resident of the nursing home, was suffering from bed sores in 2008, yet didn’t receive the treatment she needed. The staff members were not qualified, under-trained, and had no idea of the type of care Joan needed to battle the pressure sores.

One of the staff members, Jenny Hitt, admitted that although she had no prior training, she was in charge of changing Joan’s bandages and giving her medication.

“ We knew we weren’t supposed to do it. We knew we weren’t licensed or medically trained to do it,” Hitt told reporters.

As a result, Joan’s health deteriorated as the sores got bigger. What started out as small sores became huge, hole-like wounds across her buttocks. Shockingly, the only qualified nurse at the nursing home, Peggy Stevenson, told the other staff members to keep Joan’s condition a secret. Hitt recalled Stevenson telling her to not let anyone know how severe the bed sores had gotten.

Eventually, Joan developed ulcers on her feet and heels as her health continued to decline. She died shortly after.

Emeritus, the management company of the nursing home denied any wrongdoing. A jury, however, disagreed. After filing a lawsuit against Emeritus, Joan’s loved ones won a settlement of $3.5 million in 2013.

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