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May 5, 2011

A Pennsylvania family is suing the parent company of Quadrangle Nursing Home in Haverford, Pennsylvania after installing a hidden camera and catching their relative being abused by nursing home workers.

The family is seeking punitive damages saying they reported their suspicions of abuse to Quadrangle management but were not taken seriously. Management said the claims of nursing home abuse were unfounded even after the family noticed bruising on their relative.

Following the family’s allegations, three workers were charged with abuse. Quadrangle also had its license to operate revoked after the Department of Public Welfare found the nursing home to be incompetent and negligent.

The family of the alleged victim say they contacted a nursing home abuse lawyer and are suing the parent company of Quadrangle in hopes that they will take future allegations of abuse more seriously.

“Maybe the next family that reports it, they’ll do something about it, rather than come back and say it’s her dementia,” said Paul French, son-in-law of the alleged victim.


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