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November 11, 2011

After an investigative news report showed an alarming amount of nursing home abuse and neglect issues throughout Florida, Governor Rick Scott put together a diverse group of experts to discuss how to solve this disturbing problem.

The group–made up elder advocates, legislators, industry advocates, etc.–had its final meeting this week, and has put forth 17 pages of ideas on how to fix the crisis of nursing home and assisted living facility abuse in Florida.

Larry Polivka, the panel’s chairman, says the group has come up with a lot of ideas, but there are probably only a few suggestions that most of the group agree on. He stresses that the current rules and regulations in place aren’t the main problem–it’s the lack of enforcing those rules that has created the current problems in nursing homes.

Polivka says he’s pushing for a continuing task force, which he believes is necessary to come to a real solution to Florida nursing home problems and implement large-scale changes.

A nursing home abuse lawyer plays a crucial role in the battle to fix nursing home abuse issues throughout our country. If you believe a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect we encourage you to contact an attorney right away.


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