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March 15, 2013

Hidden cameras installed in the rooms of nursing home patients have been popular in Texas for many years. Now, Oklahoma is looking to pass the same law in an attempt to prevent nursing home abuse.

According to reports, since 2002, the state of Texas passed the Authorized Electronic Monitoring law which allows family members to install hidden cameras inside their loved ones rooms in order to catch nursing home abuse, neglect, theft, and more. Lorry Parker, executive director of Oklahoma’s Cottage at Quail Creek, believes that every nursing home resident should have the same right and is hoping the law is also passed in Oklahoma:

“Every resident, or resident family member, has the right to have electronic monitoring in their room if they desire to do so. Sort of like a nanny cam, so that their loved one at home can see what’s going on in the room when they’re not here,” said Parker.

However, Parker went on to say that most family members never ask about hidden cameras while signing up new residents. Parker stated most people indubitably believe that abuse won’t occur or else they wouldn’t choose that particular nursing home. However, stats have shown that nursing home abuse and neglect, aside from understaffed facilities, has no apparent pattern.

The law recently passed through Senate and will next go to the House. Meanwhile, anyone in Oklahoma whose already been a victim of nursing home abuse has the right to retain a nursing home abuse lawyer and file for civil charges.


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