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March 8, 2013

As the family of 96-year-old nursing home abuse victim Eryetha Mayberry continue to push for justice, they are growing increasingly frustrated at the slow progress of the investigation.

According to reports, the victim’s family reported the abuse back in April of last year after a hidden video revealed nursing home aides physically abusing Mayberry while she was a resident at the Quail Creek Nursing Home and Retirement Center in Oklahoma City.

Sandra Cisper, one of Mayberry’s daughters, expressed her frustration this week as she told a local station, News 9, that the investigation is taking longer than it should:

“Start following up on these cases of abuse that are being reported and no one is doing anything about it,” Cisper said.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Department of Health (OSDH) responded to the statement, indicating that the state has a no tolerance policy on elderly neglect and abuse. However, from 2009 to 2013, several Oklahoma nursing homes have been cited at least 20 times for failing to protect victims from nursing home abuse.

In addition, from 2011 through 2012, OSDH received thousands of complaints, resulting in over 7,600 citations against nursing homes in Oklahoma. Along with citations, the facilities, along with any guilty party, may face civil charges should the family retain a nursing home abuse lawyer and file for damages.


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