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August 7, 2012

Ohio nursing homes are reportedly complaining that a letter sent by the state attorney general on nursing home abuse reporting requirements could be potentially misleading. The letter is part of Ohio’s efforts to crackdown on prescription drug theft in nursing homes.

Ohio nursing facilities are saying that theft of prescription drugs does not automatically constitute nursing home abuse. The attorney general’s office maintains that the letter serves to remind and enforce that nursing homes need to be reporting all drug thefts. Once reported, an investigation into whether the theft of medicine actually harmed nursing homes residents can take place.

The new efforts by Ohio to take nursing home abuse more seriously are definitely a step in the right direction. Too often nursing homes sacrifice quality care to squeeze as much money out of their businesses as possible.

Unfortunately, nursing homes have proven time and time again that they cannot be counted on to provide quality care without oversight. Government actions as well as those of nursing home abuse lawyers play a crucial role in exposing abuse and holding nursing homes accountable.


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