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April 15, 2013

A Cincinnati, Ohio nursing home is now on the federal watch list after investigations revealed nursing home abuse against a dementia resident last week.

According to reports, the East Galbraith Health Care Center in Deer Park underwent an inspection last week that revealed an elderly lady with dementia has allegedly been sexually abused last year by another male patient at the facility. The male reportedly figured out the access code to the female resident’s area, and used it in order to gain entry. He is no longer at the nursing home, but the sexual abuse, coupled with other problems was enough to place Galbraith on the watch list.

On another incident last October, inspectors learned that Galbraith didn’t have the required registered nurses on duty at all times. As a result, one resident wasn’t given her medication as scheduled.

The administrator of Galbraith, Abel Quintero, feels that the nursing home has vastly improved since last year, and doesn’t deserve to be placed on the watch list.

“I know this is a label placed on East Galbraith right now, but I do not believe that is who we are right now. A lot of good things happen here every day,” said Quintero.

Once a nursing home is placed on the federal watch list, it gets special attention and focus in order to help solve problems. Each nursing home on the list will undergo increased scrutiny and inspections and work towards a plan to better the living quality for the residents.

Meanwhile, the victims have the right under Ohio law to retain a nursing home abuse lawyer and file for civil damages.


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