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July 01, 2013

Complaints and reports of nursing home abuse in Ohio have nearly doubled, according to cases filed with the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU).

Per reports, MFCU had a total of 73 opened cases during this time last year. However, those numbers have almost doubled, with a total of 131 open nursing home abuse cases already in 2013.

According to Mike Dewine of Ohio’s MFCU, half the complaints were reported in June after he announced that his office plans to do in-depth investigations of any and all nursing homes that are, or might be, abusing and/or neglecting their residents.

Earlier this year, a Zanesville nursing home was cited for nursing home abuse after a hidden camera revealed extremely disturbing incidents of abuse and neglect. As a result, Dewine held a conference at the nursing home this past Friday, where he warned those in attendance that an aggressive investigation of Ohio nursing homes was due to take place.

The use of hidden cameras in the Zanesville nursing home marks the first time this type of evidence has been used for nursing home abuse investigation in Ohio. Consequently, the state of Ohio began the proceedings to revoke the facility’s license shortly after.

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