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July 28, 2011

After the nursing home abuse of an elderly resident at Prentiss Center nursing home at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio was caught on hidden camera, the nursing home disciplined all those involved but now wants to move the resident to another facility.

The family of the resident say that now that the abusers are gone there is no reason to move her, and doing so could even be detrimental to her well-being, given her fragile health condition.

The nursing home says they want to move her to ensure her safety and welfare. But the family of the resident think they just want her gone for exposing the nursing home abuse.

The nursing home where the woman would be moved has been sued eight times in the past ten years for abuse or neglect.

The family of the resident is trying to get a temporary restraining order to prevent the move.

We encourage all families of nursing home residents to be proactive in dealing with possible nursing home abuse or neglect. Placing a hidden camera in your loved one’s room is a great way of exposing suspected abuse. You should also contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you with your legal rights.


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