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June 6, 2014

The family of a man who was allegedly sexually abused while in a Chicago nursing home is seeking over $50,000 plus legal fees in damages.

Trixie Scott is filing the lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of L.C. Scott who died in February 2013. Mr Scott was unable to feed himself and needed round the clock care. He was non-verbal meaning that his communication was limited and he was bedridden; completely at the mercy of nursing home staff at the Westchester Health And Rehabilitation Center where he was a patient.

In June 2012 Mr. Scott was taken to hospital suffering from what appeared to be internal bleeding in his intestine. They sent him for tests to determine what the exact problem was and began a thorough examination of his stomach. It was there at Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital that doctors made an alarming discovery. A 6-inch condom filled with hard material was found wedged inside his stomach. This disturbing finding meant that Scott had more than likely been sexaully abused.

The lawsuit names the nursing home as defendant in the case, blaming them for failing to protect Scott from the risk of sexual abuse. The hospital has also been named in the suit as lawyers for the family claim that he could have been abused there too. Scott had visited the hospital for various health problems 14 times in a 30-month period. They are both cited as being negligent as it is claimed that they did not follow proper safety measures to protect Scott.

Sexual abuse against the elderly is one of the most heinous crimes that can emerge from nursing homes. Those who are most at risk are patients who cannot easily speak out against their attackers, such as those vulnerable patients who are unable to communicate or are bedridden. Nursing homes have a duty to ensure that their organizations keep all residents safe from harm by employing and training honest and reliable nursing home staff. Sadly this is not always the case.

Nursing Home Abuse Center offers guidance for victims and their families following a sexual abuse investigation. The site can also help people to spot the signs because in many cases victims are too embarrassed or distressed to reach out to people about what has happened.

McIver Brown are the leaders in nursing home medical malpractice They have dedicated their work to representing victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Professional and understanding, the team of highly qualified lawyers are able to help you. Contact the team if you would like to discuss a potential case.


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