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July 23, 2012

A recent opinion piece in the Kentucky Herald-Leader argues that the nursing home industry is still recording record profits, regardless of nursing home abuse lawsuits. The article was in response to a piece entitled “Predatory lawsuits hurt nursing-home patients”.

The article cites the example of a large Kentucky based nursing home corporation, Kindred Health Care, which increased profits from $4.4 billion last year to $5.5 billion this year. Indeed, it does not appear that lawsuits are in any way hurting the quality of nursing home care.

Rather, the article argues it is greed that prevents quality care in many nursing homes, and abuse and neglect lawsuits are simply a response to that problem. If the nursing home industry hired more staff, the author contends, overall quality of care would improve and there would be less need for lawsuits–and all the while profits in the nursing home industry would still be just fine.

As this article shows, nursing home abuse lawyers play a crucial role in keeping nursing homes in check and getting justice for residents and their families if abuse or neglect becomes and issue.


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