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June 14th, 2010

A nursing home for veterans in Missouri has recently come under fire after allegations of sexual abuse and neglect of veterans. The K.F. Jammer Manor received a surprise inspection from Veterans Administration staff after state agencies started investigating nursing home abuse claims.

The investigations started after a hot-line tip came in alleging an employee of the nursing home had sexually abused a female veteran. Several veterans have since been moved from the facility. The VA says several other requests by veterans to be moved are currently being worked on.

The owner of the nursing home vehemently denies the sexual abuse charges.

A 2009 investigation of the facility by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services revealed neglect of veterans. Violations included several patients not recieving heart medication for 14 days, with another patient not given antipsychotic medications for over a month. Several rooms of veterans were also found to be dirty and damaged.

“No one wants to do a slip shot investigation,” said Kit Wager, a spokesperson with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. “When allegations are made and they are serious, we look into them immediately. We were there immediately. But they are not just looking at the sexual abuse allegations. They are also looking at the facility in its entirety.”

The VA says that surprise nursing home inspections and the removal of veterans at their request will continue.


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