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February 14, 2013

This week, a jury found that an Illinois nursing home was guilty of nursing home abuse by providing substandard and extremely poor medical care to its residents. As a result, the former owner faces $28 million in damages.

According to reports, several residents of the Momence Meadows Nursing Home (MMNH) in Kankakee, Illinois were not being given adequate treatment, including lack of medication and extremely indigent care. Jurors also determined that false claims were filed to Medicaid and Medicare for the expenses of the patients.

The case stems back to 2004 when two nurses working at the nursing home filed a lawsuit, claiming inadequate care of its patients. They also claimed that the nursing home’s former owner, Jacob Graff, filed false claims to Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, the nurses stated that they were unfairly terminated from employment after raising suspicions in 2003.

In 2006, MMNH changed ownership, and the new owners filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which was denied the following year. This year, the trial started, and after nine months of deliberations, the jury found the nursing home guilty of over 1,7000 fraudulent claims. In addition, because of the poor services rendered to the patients, the fines resulted in $28 million. The two former nurses also received compensation.

Because of the poor care, many residents suffered needless nursing home abuse, consisting of **bed sores [link to bedsores page], **malnourishment [link to dehydration/malnutrition page], and more. There has been no indication if further lawsuits will take place should the patients themselves retain a nursing home abuse attorney.


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