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January 21, 2013

In a second case of nursing home abuse, a former employee was arrested again for stealing money from residents at the Connecticut nursing home she was employed at.

According to reports, 46-year-old Virginia Soules, a former worker at the Meridian Manor in Waterbury, was arrested last December for taking over $140,000 from a nursing home resident’s bank account. The money was used for her own personal expenses, such as paying veterinary bills for her dog and buying a water heater for friend.

Last Wednesday, however, Soules was arrested once again for coercing the daughter of a 96-year-old resident to pay her over $4,000 for the care of her mother. After was Soules was given the money, she kept a portion to herself and credited the rest to the nursing homes account. Per the police report, Soules instructed the daughter to pay her a monthly cash amount of $635 in order to cover the resident’s care. However, the nursing home was only allowed to receive between $273 to $285 per month for each resident. As a result, after putting the correct amount in the nursing home account, Soules kept the remainder for her own personal use.

It has only been a few months since her last arrest for first-degree larceny. She has now been charged with second-degree larceny. She appeared in court earlier this week to face charges. However, should the daughter of the victim retain a nursing home abuse attorney, Soules may also face civil charges as well.


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