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August 6, 2013

A California nursing home resident who suffers from dementia was arrested for allegedly attacking another resident last week. However, civil rights activists, along with families of both residents, are stating that two forms of nursing home abuse occurred during this incident: not only was the victim unprotected from attack by other residents, but the woman accused of the attack, a 77-year-old dementia patient, has been sitting in jail over a week.

According to reports, Martha Glover, a resident of the Solano Life House in Dixon, reportedly stabbed another resident in the face and head. However, instead of being sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation, Glover was handcuffed and taken to jail. Since Dixon is a dementia patient with psychological issues, her family is upset over the arrest and demanding answers. Per the family, the nursing home was well aware of Glover’s history of violent outbursts, and therefore they felt they could trust the facility when handling her. However, Glover still sits in jail on a felony assault charge.

“She doesn’t drive. She doesn’t take care of any of her own affairs. She can’t hold a lucid conversation,” Glover’s daughter, Lenore Dangerfield, told ABC.

The family of the stabbing victim, along with Glover’s family are now filing a lawsuit against the nursing home for failing to protect its residents.

At this time, Solano House has not returned calls or made a public a statement regarding the incident.

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