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February 21, 2013

For the second time in February 2013 alone, another nursing home resident has died as a result of nursing home abuse and neglect in Minnesota. The latest incident occurred when an employee failed to provide CPR to an ill resident.

According to reports, a qualified staff member was called to the room of a resident at the Benedict Health Center in downtown Minneapolis. The resident was unable to breathe or blink. However, when the staff member arrived, no CPR was given and the victim died shortly after.

Although the owners of the nursing home stated that they can’t speculate what would have happened if CPR was actually performed, the staff member was fired regardless after an internal investigation. Additionally, the state’s Health Department performed an investigation and determined that the cause of death can’t be contributed to the fact that the victim was not given CPR. Yet, not even trying makes the staff member culpable of neglect and abuse. According to Stella French, the director of the Minnesota Health Department, staff member are required to attempt CPR unless the patient states otherwise.

The staff member also failed to contact the victim’s physician after a bout of nausea and vomiting, another state-mandated requirement.

Although Deputy Cheryl Hennen of the Ombudsman Long-Term Care stated that these situations are unique, this is the second time in one month that a nursing home resident has died when CPR was not performed. In early February, 85-year-old Luvern Kraft passed away in a Minnesota nursing home. Her family stated that resuscitation instructions were given, but the staff members failed to comply.

As of now, no criminal charges have been filed against the staff worker. However, the victim’s family has the right to retain a nursing home abuse attorney and file for civil damages.


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