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February 7, 2013

After months and months of alleged nursing home abuse, an 87-year-old nursing home resident in Washington state took matters into his own hands last week when he fired shots at an employee.

According to police reports, nursing home resident Arthur Hames endured months of severe bullying and abuse by former employee, 57-year-old Roger Holbrook. The incident took place when Hames entered Holbrook’s office with a handgun and shot him twice. After being shot in the stomach, Holbrook fought Hames to the ground and was able to secure the gun while staff members rushed in to help him.

After questioning Hames, police learned that he fired the shots because he was tired of the endless bullying he was receiving. Hames also informed authorities he had plans to commit suicide after he shot Holbrook.

The incident occurred at the Josephine Sunset Home in Stanwood, Washington earlier this week on Monday morning. Holbrookswas taken to a local hospital shortly after he was shot, but has since returned to his home to heal. According to Terry Robertson, the CEO of Sunset Nursing Home, it has been traumatic experience:

“It was very traumatic for him. He’s very happy to be alive today,” Robertson said in a news statement.

Meanwhile, Hames has been charged with a felony charge of first-degree assault and is being held in jail on a $200,000 bond. There has no been no indication if any criminal charges will be filed for nursing home abuse against Holbrook. However, Hames claims that Holbrook has bullied several patients over the past months. However, victims of nursing home abuse always have the option of retaining a nursing home abuse attorney for legal assistance.


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