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December 05, 2012

Although many people think of nursing home abuse as physical and mental harm, it happens in other forms as well, such as stealing the possessions of residents and patients. A former nursing home aide has been charged for stealing jewelry from residents in a New York nursing home.

According to reports, former nursing home aide, 24-year-old Ashley Cancemi, was in Suffolk, New York, at the Cedar Lodge Nursing home in mid to late July, when jewelry was found to be stolen from several nursing home residents. Even though most residents were easy to fool given their conditions, one particular resident was able to make an identification of the person responsible.

After being identified, Cancemi was fired from her position after only working a few works. However, she wasn’t given a reason for being fired, as the administrators didn’t want to alert her of suspected theft until police finished their investigation. Shortly after her dismissal, however, she was arrested at her home and charged with several counts of criminal possession of stolen goods, along with three counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Most of the jewelry has been recovered, some of which were taken directly off of dementia patients’ fingers and wrists. Cancemi is scheduled for her first court appearance on Friday. Keep in mind, however, criminal proceedings is only one aspect of the case. Family members of victims can choose to retain a nursing home abuse lawyer and sue in civil court as well.


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