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December 3, 2011

An elderly resident at Owatonna Care Center in Owatonna, Minnesota recently died after being given an overdose of his anxiety medication.

A state investigation revealed that the man died after the nursing home neglected to give him his medication for 10 days, at which point they gave the man 10 times the prescribed amount of the drug. The following day he was found deceased in his bed.

The official cause of death has been labeled chronic lung disease but a doctor involved in the investigation said that an overdose of the anxiety medication could have contributed to the man’s death.

Family of the deceased say they were not told by the nursing home that an overdose occurred, adding that they would have had an autopsy done if they had knowledge of the overdose.

The nursing home maintains that they did inform the family of the medication errors but “can’t speak to what they understood.”

In cases of suspected nursing home abuse it is advised that family of the abused contact a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you take legal action if necessary.


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