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A Texas-based nursing home management group is facing a lawsuit alleging nursing home abuse and neglect in at least one of their many facilities. The lawsuit filed by the New Mexico Attorney General claims that residents in a New Mexico nursing home owned by Preferred Care Partners Management Group were subjected to substandard care. These allegations are important for families across the United States, as Preferred Care operates facilities in 10 states.

According to the lawsuit, residents in the New Mexico facility were allowed to sleep in soiled diapers and linens, were not properly supervised leading to fall injuries, and were not adequately responded to in times of need. The lawsuit also claims that the facility did not have adequate staffing to meet the needs of residents.

Determining the staffing needs reportedly depends on a calculation of the time needed to complete basic tasks, compared to the amount of hours staff work. According to the lawsuit, the State of New Mexico found a deficiency of nearly 50 percent in that facility alone. The Attorney General’s office reports that other states have contacted officials since news of the lawsuit spread to the media.

Nursing Home Abuse a Striking Problem

In addition to this lawsuit and numerous reports of complaints against Preferred Care, the problem of nursing home abuse extends well beyond Texas and New Mexico. Nursing home abuse and neglect can occur in any facility in the U.S., and can result in significant illness, injury, or loss of life. It is important that anyone suspecting nursing home abuse contact authorities immediately. While not all complaints will result in a lawsuit, unreported complaints or suspicions can contribute to the continued growth of a terrible problem for society.

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