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February 9, 2011

A nurse at Britthaven nursing home in North Carolina pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder. The woman is accused of giving a resident at the nursing home an overdose of morphine which caused the patient’s death.

The woman is also indicted on six counts of patient abuse for giving Alzheimer’s patients morphine which had not been prescribed to them and caused them serious harm. She is accused of giving them the medication to sedate them.

During the nursing home abuse investigation a morphine bottle was found at the nursing home filled with a substance other than morphine. Witnesses said they saw the accused nurse handing out to patients little cups containing what she said was vitamins.

In cases where a loved one has died because of suspected nursing home abuse or neglect it is vital that family of the deceased contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to help stop the abuse or neglect from happening again in the future.


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