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April 3, 2013

A worker at a Tarrytown, New York nursing home has been accused this week of nursing home abuse after reports of violence and name-calling.

According to the Tarrytown Police, the Tarrytown Hall Care Center filed a report on the abuse. As mandated by the NYS Department of Health, any instances of abuse and neglect must be reported by witnesses and administrators. In addition, even suspected abuse and neglect should be reported.

Per the nursing supervisor at the Wood Court center, the incident occurred on March 15, close to 4 p.m. Two workers were helping an elderly male patient move onto a shower chair before taking a shower. Allegedly, the patient scratched one of the workers in the chest. As a result, the nursing supervisor stated that the second worker push the victim’s head down several times before shouting “Stop doing that, you crazy old man!” The worker who got scratched reported the altercation.

Police have investigated and notated the incident, but so far, no criminal charges have been filed. However, the state of New York allows victims and/or their family members to retain a nursing home abuse attorney and file for civil damages.

This isn’t the first time Tarrytown Hall Care Center has been in the hot seat. In November 2001, the facility was fined $2,000 for mistreating residents, a direct violation of the New York Facility Practices and Resident Behavior Law. The violation was founded during a routine inspection. The fine was paid directly to the New York Department of Public Health.


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