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May 21, 2011

Twelve citations were issued to the Cayuga County Nursing Home in New York after an inspection in January. Some of the nursing home’s deficiencies resulted in incidents of nursing home abuse.

One incident of abuse involved a resident falling and breaking a bone. And an Alzheimer’s patient was improperly restrained resulting in bruising.

Another citation was issued for the nursing home failing to prevent and properly treat a bed sore, which resulted in the sore becoming a Stage II ulcer.

The nursing home was also cited for other inadequacies such as uncomfortable temperatures and poor food quality, infrequent physician visits, and not making sure nurse call systems worked in every room, among other problems.

The Department of Health reported that all of the problems were corrected when another inspection took place in April.

A lack of proper care in nursing homes across our country is not uncommon. We urge family of nursing home residents to make frequent visits to their relatives nursing home and look for signs of abuse or neglect. If you do suspect any form of abuse, you need to contact the police right away and get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer.


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