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May 25, 2011

An aide at a New York City nursing home was sentenced to seven years in prison for the sexual nursing home abuse of a 61-year-old stroke patient. The partially paralyzed woman is unable to speak but was able to point to letters to communicate and testify against her attacker.

A nurse found the man sexually abusing the resident after the victim managed to hit a call light for help. The nursing home aide was acquitted of rape but was convicted of sexual abuse and other charges.

The victim communicated with the court using an interpreter who read the words the woman spelled out by pointing to letters on a board.

Although unthinkable to most, sexual nursing home abuse is a pervasive form of abuse in nursing homes. We urge family of nursing home residents to check in with their loved ones in nursing homes frequently, and take any signs of abuse seriously by reporting them to police immediately. You should also contact a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you navigate what legal action you can take.


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