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August 26, 2012

A former staff member at Pleasant Valley nursing home in Argyle, NY was arrested last Thursday on nursing home abuse charges. The licensed practical nurse is accused of not giving patients their medication and lying in records to say the patients had received their medicine.

The woman is accused of not giving five residents their morning dose of Synthroid, and faces five felony counts each of physical abuse and neglect of a resident, willful violation of health laws, and falsifying business records. In total, 15 charges have been filed against her.

The LPN has stated she did indeed give the patients their medication but was arrested following a state investigation.

It is not known whether the neglected residents suffered any negative health consequences.

The accused woman had been released from jail but is due back in court in September.

Pleasant Valley nursing home has had a string of nursing home abuse and neglect problems, failing multiple inspections, and is currently for sale by the county.

Staff stealing or otherwise being negligent with patient medications is one of the many forms of abuse seen in nursing home throughout the country. If you believe a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect, or if you have been a victim, a nursing home abuse attorney can help you get justice and any financial compensation you’re owed.

Nursing home abuse lawyers specialize in nursing home issues such as bed sores and other forms of neglect, as well physical, sexual, and other forms of abuse found in nursing homes.


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