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May 17, 2013

A Suffolk County family was victorious last month, winning a $130 million medical malpractice settlement after their attorney originally turned down an $8 million settlement and lost at trial.

According to reports, Shannon Reilly, a 10-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her disability stems from a serious mistake made when she was born. Nurses at the St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson failed to observe that Reilly was being deprived of oxygen right after birth. As a result, the young girl will now face life suffering a debilitating disease.

Per the family’s attorney, if Reilly’s situation had only been noticed 15 minutes earlier, she wouldn’t be facing any of the health difficulties she has today:

“The saddest part of this case is that despite the litany of errors, this baby could have been rescued. Had the nursing team communicated with the obstetrician just 15 minutes sooner — and delivered the baby — this terrible tragedy could have been avoided,” the attorney said in court.

Originally, the victim’s attorney refused the the hospital’s previous 2008 settlement of $8 million. The case went to trial and the family lost. Most considered this a bad move on the attorney’s part, yet he was determined that the settlement amount was not enough to cover the damages done to the young victim. The family carried on, however, and the state appellate granted them a new trial in 2011, which resulted in a hung jury.

The third and final trial started last month, resulting in the jury handing down a $138 million verdict, signed by a Suffolk County judge. The family is reported to be ecstatic with the new settlement amount, which will be enough to provide for the victim for the rest of her life.

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