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August 9, 2011

A recent report on widespread nursing home abuse and neglect across Florida has led to the creation of a new task force which aims to end abuse and neglect in Florida’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“If you’re doing bad things because of negligence, willful incompetence or derelicts of duty, we’re coming after you and we’re not going to let that happen anymore,” said member of the watchdog group, State Senator Ronda Storms.

Storms cited the lack of oversight and terrible conditions at nursing homes across Florida as a reason for the task force taking action.

The task force will investigate cases of abuse and neglect in Florida and compile a report and make recommendations to the legislature.

Watchdog groups such as this new nursing home abuse task force are important in the fight against abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Also crucial in this fight is the role a nursing home abuse lawyer plays in helping to get justice for abuse victims and their family.


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