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July 27, 2011

Mike and Norma Childers, operating under the name Heart-To-Heart Care LLC, recently received their license to operate a home for individual residential care even though the couple have a history of nursing home abuse issues.

In 2000 the couple was charged with felony abuse and neglect at a nursing home they owned but were acquitted of the charges. They also signed a stipulation which said that, among other things, they failed to provide adequate care to residents and did not report injuries. They were subsequently banned for 10 years from operating a care facility in California.

Norma Childers was charged with abuse and jailed in 2006 for putting tape over the mouths of children at a daycare she ran. She was subsequently ordered not to work in daycare.

The Childers maintain that, despite past allegations of abuse, they love what they do and have many satisfied clients.

When considering placing a loved one in a nursing home it is vitally important that you research the track record of the care facility and choose a nursing home you and your loved one are comfortable with. If abuse or neglect does become an issue, we recommend contacting a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer to help you during this difficult time.


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