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April 3, 2011

The Niagara Gazette reported new details regarding a case of nursing home abuse where two certified nurses assistants put two mentally impaired residents into bed together and tried to get them to have some type of sexual interaction.

According to a state Department of Health report the two ex-employees of Northgate Health Care Facility in New York “joined in humiliating, distressing, and violating the dignity” of the two nursing home residents. The abuse occurred last April and an investigation wrapped up in February.

The report says the two abusers engaged in this activity “for their own entertainment”. The abuse included making sexual comments to the two residents and taking pictures on a cell phone camera.

Telling the two residents that they are married, the workers placed the man and woman into bed together. The abuse happened in the man’s room, which he shares with his real wife. The man’s real wife was present as the abuse happened. The man was coerced into touching the other woman’s shoulder as she protested.

The CNAs who engaged in the abuse were fired, as were two other workers who saw the abuse and did not stop or immediately report it.

Heinous abuse such as this calls for family members of the victims contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what legal actions can be taken.


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