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February 25, 2013

A Cape Girardeau, Missouri resident was arrested last week after being charged with a nursing home abuse sex crime.

According to the Scott County news release, 55-year-old David H. Barberis was charged this past Thursday with one count of deviate sexual intercourse. The incident allegedly occurred at the Chaffee Nursing home on Wednesday. Barberis was visiting the nursing home that day and purportedly was caught acting in extremely inappropriate manners with a female resident. After witnessing the incident, the nursing home’s office contacted Sheriff Rick Walter of Scott County.

Barberis was notified that he was needed for questioning. He was arrested on Thursday after going to the sheriff’s office to talk about the incident. He remains in jail on a $10,000 bond.

Barberis is a musician who travels to several local nursing homes where he plays music for the residents

At this time, there is no information as to exactly what Barberis did to act inappropriately. However, according to a nurse on duty at the time, Barberis, at one point, went into the room of a female resident and closed the door. The nurse followed, opened the door, and stated that Barberis was engaging in improper behavior.

The victims in this case are encouraged to seek an experienced nursing home abuse attorney for the civil end of the case.


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