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February 16, 2011

A minimum nursing home liability insurance bill failed to pass the Mississippi House. The bill would have made it mandatory that nursing homes have a minimum $500,000 in liability insurance. The insurance bill would have financially helped victims of nursing home abuse or neglect should they file a lawsuit against a nursing home.

Mississippi nursing home and insurance companies won a tort reform battle that capped nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuits at $500,000. But the fact the Mississippi nursing homes are not required to have $500,000 in liability insurance means that some victims of nursing home abuse or neglect will not receive the financial compensation they deserve.

The failure of Mississippi legislators to pass such a needed nursing home liability bill is indeed unfortunate. However, when abuse and neglect in nursing homes is not reported the problem often becomes systemic.Therefore, Mississippians and victims and loved ones of nursing home abuse victims throughout the country are urged to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer if they suspect abuse or neglect.


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