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July 9, 2011

A nursing assistant at the Veterans Home in Collins, Mississippi has been found guilty of one count of abuse toward a vulnerable adult. The man was also tried for neglect but was found not guilty.

The nursing assistant was moving an elderly resident when the resident became combative and began swinging at the nursing assistant. Another nursing assistant followed proper procedure and left the combative resident alone while the initial assistant continued to struggle to position the resident in bed. This continued on until a pop was heard by the nursing assistant and the resident’s femur broke.

The nursing assistant admitted that if he had left the resident alone to calm down his leg would not have broke. He added that he did not break the man’s leg on purpose and that his training for dealing with combative resident’s was lacking.

The nursing assistant was ordered to pay $1,642.50 in fines for the nursing home abuse.

Although we trust nursing home staff to properly care for our loved ones, nursing home abuse and neglect are not uncommon throughout our country. If you have been abused in a nursing home, or if you know someone who has, we advise you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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