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July 26, 2011

Minnesota Ombudsman for Long-Term Care, Deb Holtz, gained a new perspective on the nursing home abuse issues she routinely deals with after her self-described “dehumanizing” experience at a Minnesota rehab care facility. Holtz reported her experience to Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune.

Holtz described her short stay at the nursing home as being treated not like a person but as a check mark on a to-do list. Upon entering the facility she said there was no formal greeting and she was left alone in her room for hours. Later a nurse came in and told Holtz she needed to strip for a bed sore check even though Holtz was mobile and not at risk. Holtz knew her rights and refused the treatment, but she knows many other residents would have simply gone along with the unnecessary treatment.

The next morning she was abruptly woken and told she needed to be weighed, again no greeting or attempt at common courtesy. The whole experience gave Holtz an uneasy feeling and she decided to check out after only 25 hours, instead opting for outpatient physical therapy.

Holtz says the experience has motivated her to raise awareness to nursing homes about the importance of patients’ rights and dignity issues.

If you or a loved one was mistreated at a nursing home you may be entitled to financial compensation. You should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your rights.


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