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January 13, 2014

A resident at Dungarvin Park care facility in Minnesota who needed round the clock care and supervision has been left with a broken leg in a case of neglect. The Minnesota Department of Human Services launched an investigation into the facility, uncovering an unfathomable story of negligence in a nursing home.

The staff at the Dungarvin Park care facility were under instruction to transfer the elderly resident to a wheelchair which they began to do so with the aid of a mechanical lift. The resident was then moved from the facility’s living room to the hallway when a cracking sound was heard. Rather than check on the resident, the caregiver carried on moving the resident to their room. A Hoyer lift was then used to transfer the resident from the wheelchair to the bed. It was in this moment that staff finally noticed that the resident’s leg and hip area looked out of shape and was starting to turn blue. They called 911 and when paramedics arrived the resident was taken to Unity Hospital.

The resident was diagnosed with a femur fracture on their left leg, which doctors maintained was caused by a twisting motion most likely due to the foot rests or safety straps not being used on the resident’s feet, needed to keep the feet secure. The care facility was found guilty of neglecting the physical health of the resident.

If you have a loved one who is in a nursing home and you suspect that they are being neglected or not looked after in the proper way by any member of the nursing home team, then do not delay in seeking advice from Nursing Home Abuse Center. There you will find resources and information about the varying types of nursing home abuse cases McIver Brown have dealt with and can receive sound advice about what to do if you suspect negligence in a nursing home. Don’t stay silent, stay informed and contact the team if you need further help from a nursing home abuse lawyer.


Dungarvin Park Neglect Causes Resident’s Leg Fracture

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