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January 23, 2014

A 42-year old male nurse aide has been arrested after he was allegedly found on top of an elderly nursing home patient in the early hours of February 18th.

Nanic Aidasani was working at the Manhattanville Health Care Center in Kingsbridge in the city’s Bronx district when a fellow employee spotted him on top of a 64-year old female patient. The victim suffers from dementia and cannot speak. Aidasani had allegedly raped the patient. The victim’s daughter then took her mother to the New York Presbyterian Hospital for a rape kit examination but because her mother cannot speak, they can only get court approval to conduct the test. This examination could provide crucial information about what happened that night.

Families are greatly tested as they try to find the right nursing home facility for their loved ones. Often it can take weeks or even months to search through and scope out the various facilities that are available. Trust is a key factor is searching for the right home. But when that trust is broken, as in the above story, there is no greater feeling of devastation. Leaving your loved one with seemingly professional employees is a great risk and sadly more often than not stories emerge the world over about nursing home residents being abused or neglected.

There are many different forms that abuse can take and sexual abuse is one of the most difficult to comprehend. The consequences can affect entire families, and often it is family members who have to tirelessly and vigorously fight on behalf of the victim in order to bring those at fault to justice.

Nursing Home Abuse Center is an excellent resource full of intelligent and sound information regarding nursing home abuse issues. Backed by McIver Brown Nursing Home Law Firm, the site provides comprehensive information regarding all types of abuse and neglect cases, including what to look out for and who to contact if you do suspect that your loved one is not safe.


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