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April 14, 2012

The state of Louisiana will receive a $20.3 Million reduction in Medicare funding, and as nursing home owners look to make up for the loss, cuts to staffing and overall patient care are a concern.

The cuts may have a particularly harsh effect in Louisiana where approximately three out of every four nursing home patients have their bills paid by Medicare and Medicaid.

Nursing home advocacy groups argue that these cuts to funding directly affect the quality of care that nursing home residents receive as nursing home owners often try to counteract the loss in Medicare funding by reducing the number of staff and direct nursing hours that patients receive. The outcome can be patients suffering nursing home abuse and neglect.

Florida nursing homes will receive $60.5 million in Medicare cuts, the largest in the country.

As issues such as Medicare cuts may lead to greater neglect and abuse in nursing homes we need to be vigilant in the fight against nursing home abuse. We strongly advise anyone who suspects abuse or neglect to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what legal action you can take.


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