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June 23, 2011

Kentucky has been given a $3 million federal grant that it will use to buy equipment for fingerprinting checks for nursing home employees. This latest effort in the fight against nursing home abuse will help stop people with criminal pasts from working with the elderly and other nursing home residents.

Currently, state law in Kentucky only requires name-based background checks for those seeking to work in a nursing home. However, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services estimates that many nursing homes and assisted living facilities will voluntarily participate in fingerprinting checks.

The fingerprint checks will be administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and will use records of in-state fingerprints via the Kentucky State Police and national fingerprint records via the FBI.

Efforts like these in Kentucky to help combat nursing home abuse are important in the protection of nursing home residents. If you have family of other loved ones in a nursing home you can also do your part in protecting them by making frequent visits and reporting any suspicions of nursing home abuse or neglect to the police immediately. We also advise you to get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you navigate your legal options.


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