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February 21, 2011

A bill proposed in Kentucky that would require that a coroner be called after a nursing home resident has died has stalled in the state legislative session. Advocates for the bill say a coroner being called after every death in a nursing home is a vital tool in investigating nursing home abuse and would help the overall battle against abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

The bills sponsor, Rep. Tom Burch, D-Louisville, said the bill is getting opposition from the nursing home industry. In addition, the state’s chief medical examiner says he would need to hire extra medical examiners and support staff which the budget may not allow.

Burch said his attempts at compromise with the nursing home industry did not work.

One of the greatest assets our elders can have while in nursing homes a vigilant family members. You should visit you loved ones in nursing homes frequently and if you notice signs of nursing home abuse or neglect we urge you to alert the authorities immediately and then contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.


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