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December 28, 2012

A janitor at a Bronx, New York nursing home has been accused of nursing home abuse after he attempted to sexually assault an 81-year-old resident.

According to reports, Jorge Sarmiento was working at the Hudson Pointe Nursing Home earlier this month when he lured Gertrudiz Munoz into a closet. Allegedly, Sarmiento then attempted to sexually abuse the senior citizen. Since Munoz suffers from Alzheimer’s,, she was unable to adequately convey what happened. Detectives on the case, however, pieced the information together.

After the incident, the nursing home called the family of Munoz, only to tell them that she was being taken to the hospital. It wasn’t until the family spoke with detectives that they learned of the attempted sexual assault. According to the detectives, a nursing assistant found the victim in a closet with no clothes on from the waist down. The assailant was kneeling down in front of her.

The family has retained the services of a nursing home abuse attorney and plans to seek damages. They aren’t satisfied with the fact that Sarmiento was only suspended from his janitorial position, and plan to fight for a better outcome.

The nursing home has declined interviews, but the administrator stated that the alleged abuse is not being taken lightly.


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