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June 17, 2013

A West Des Moines, Iowa woman was arrested this week after allegedly stealing from her father, a handicapped resident of a local nursing home. Per Iowa state laws, financial exploitation of any kind against the elderly is considered a form of nursing home abuse.

According to the police report, 45-year-old Mary Jo Dahms was in charge of her father’s finances after he moved into the Newton nursing home in Newton. However, instead of taking care of his finances, Dahms reportedly stole thousands of dollars out of his bank account. Dahms’ brother reported the incident back in February of this year, claiming that his sister had been exploiting their elderly 77-year-old dad. Allegedly, the abuse happened for two years, from 2011 to 2013.

An arrest warrant was issued shortly after, but Dahms just recently turned herself in on Thursday to police in Des Moines. She is now released on bond.

Dahms faces a class D felony of dependent adult abuse and a class C felony of first-degree theft. Should her family file a lawsuit, she may also face civil charges as well.

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